Nautical and harbour - industrial and structure

    Feasibility studies, diagnosis and coordination

    Design and monitoring of river and maritime works

    Technical assistance for the realization of works and equipment

    Project management - design, planning, management

    Supervision and coordination of maritime and river works

innovation and r&d





Cerenis has been working for more than 10 years                                                                                                               in the field of marine and riverine tidal power engineering.


Our field of intervention concerns mainly the studies, the follow-up of construction and installation of fixed or floating solutions for new technologies of turbines. We design mooring and anchoring systems in order to test the energy performance of tidal turbines and thus contribute to the nautical reliability of the systems.


Our national and international partners and customers



Mooring of the Hydrotube tidal turbine platform (Bordeaux – Pont d’Aquitaine)

Mooring of the Urabaila © platform (Bayonne – RO-RO pontoon)

Development studies for InStream Energy Europe


SEENEOH test site dedicated to the testing of tidal turbines in Bordeaux – Pont de Pierre :


Adaptation of the Bilbao platform for Hydroquest’s tidal turbine – 4 transverse flow turbines technology

Design and mooring of the Quebec platform for the Design Pro Automation tidal turbine – 2 transverse flow turbines technology



Engineering of the support platforms for the tidal turbines Design of the anchors

Coordination of marine installation operations Decommissioning operations


Because we truly believe in the potential of these maturing technologies, and in the installation of tidal turbine farms, we support all public or private MRE initiatives. World-renowned industrialists and national energy companies call on our skills. We are the interface to allow the first to settle (mooring, anchoring, platform…), and the second to consider the exploitation of future production sites (sub-sea cable, access and work on board…)