Nautical and harbour - industrial and structure

    Feasibility studies, diagnosis and coordination

    Design and monitoring of river and maritime works

    Technical assistance for the realization of works and equipment

    Project management - design, planning, management

    Supervision and coordination of maritime and river works



The nautical projects sector is at the heart of our activity.

We study the creation or the modification of docks receiving boats of all types. Rowing boats of a few kilos, pirogues, seaplanes, small and large sailboats, passenger boats of various sizes, river liners and oil tankers of 100 KT, our experience allows us to adapt the docking works for boats ranging from 4 meters to 180 meters.

As guarantors of the equipment that interfaces between the ships and the land, we are specialized in the following structures and infrastructures

– Wharves and piers

– Landing stages

– Berthing systems

– Mooring systems

– Fixed or floating platforms

– Gangways

– Alba dukes, piles or guide rails

– Diagnosis and maintenance of riprap.

We also intervene on:

– Floating establishments open to the public

– The design and development of marinas

– The creation of ship refueling areas, waste recovery

– Logistics for waste recovery by river

– Electricity and drinking water networks.